The Left Behind: The Kids sereis consists of 40 books which start from the Rapture and ends with the Glorious Appearing, covering the seven year Tribulation and in detail, the judgements of God during this time.

List of books in the Left Behind: The Kids series
No. Title Caption Front Cover
1 The Vanishings For kids face Earth's last days together 1
2 Second Chance The search for the truth 2
3 Through the Flames The kids risk their lives 3
4 Facing the Future Preparing for battle 4
5 Nicolae High The Young Trib Force goes back to school 5
6 The Underground The Young Trib Force fights back 6
7 Busted! The Young Trib Force faces pressure 7
8 Death Strike The Young Trib Force faces war 8
9 The Search The strugle to survive 9
10 On The Run The Young Trib Force faces Danger 10
11 Into the Storm The search for secret documents 11
12 Earthquake! The Young Trib Force faces disaster 12
13 The Showdown Behind enemy lines 13
14 Judgment Day Into raging waters 14
15 Battling the Commander The hidden cave 15
16 Fire From Heaven Decieving the enemy 16
17 Terror in the Stadium Witnesses under fire 17
18 Darkening Skies Judgment of ice 18
19 Attack of Apollyon Revenge of the locust 19
20 A Dangerous Plan Race against time 20
21 Secrets of New Babylon The search for an imposter 21
22 Escape From New Babylon Discovering new believers 22
23 Horsemen of Terror The unseen judgment 23
24 Uplink from the Underground. Showtime for Vicki 24
25 Death at the Gala History in the making 25
26 The Beast Arises Unveiling the plan 26
27 Wildfire! Into the Great Tribulation 27
28 The Mark of the Beast Witnesses behind bars 28
29 Breakout! Believers in danger 29
30 Murder in the Holy Place Carpahtia's deadly deception 30
31 Escape to Masada Joining operation eagle 31
32 War of the Dragon Miracles in the air 32
33 Attack on Petra Through the inferno 33
34 Bounty Hunters Believers in the crosshairs 34
35 The Rise of False Messiahs Carpathia's evil tricks 35
36 Ominous Choices The race for life 36
37 Heatwave Surviving the fouth bowl judgment 37
38 The Perils of Love Breaking through the darkness 38
39 The Road to War Facing the guillotine 39
40 Triumphant Return The new Jerusalem 40

The synopsis of the books are as follows

No. Title Synopsis
1 The Vanishings
2 Second Chance
3 Through the Flames
4 Facing The Future
5 Nicolae High
6 The Underground
7 Busted!
8 Death Strike
9 The Search
10 On The Run
11 Into The Storm
12 Earthquake!
13 The Showdown
14 Judgment Day
15 Battling The Commander
16 Fire From Heaven
17 Terror In The Stadium
18 Darkening Skies
19 Attack Of Apollyon
20 A Dangerous Plan
21 Secrets Of New Babylon
22 Escape From New Babylon
23 Horesmen Of Terror
24 Uplink From The Underground
25 Death At The Gala
26 The Beast Arises
27 Wildfire!
28 The Mark Of The Beast
29 Breakout!
30 Murder In The Holy Place
31 Escape To Masada
32 War Of The Dragon
34 Bounty Hunters
35 The Rise Of False Messiahs
36 Ominous Choices
37 Heatwave
38 The Perils Of Love
39 The Road To War
40 Triumphant Return

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