Judd's family:

  • Judd Thompson Sr - Judd's Dad
  • Sarah Thompson - Judd's Mum
  • Marc & Marcie Thompson - Judd's younger twin siblings

Vicki's family:

  • Tom Byrne - Vicki's Dad
  • Dawn Byrne - Vicki's Mum
  • Edward (Eddie) Byrne - Vicki's elder brother,lived in Michigan where he moved to after he graduated from high school
  • Jeanni Byrne - Vicki's younger sister

Lionel's family:

  • Charles Washington - Lionel's Dad
  • Lucinda Washington - Lionel's mum who worked on the magazine 'Global Weekly' with Buck Williams before the Rapture
  • Clarice Washington - Lionel's elder sister,she also used to ride the bus to school with Vicki
  • Ronnie Washington - Lionel's younger brother
  • Talia Luci Washington - Lionel's younger sister

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